About Rachael

Rachael has been baking and cooking since the age of 9. She lives with her family in beautiful Skagit Valley, Wa.

For the past four years she has been volunteer coordinator of the school garden program at her son's elementary school. She is a food educator for all ages, understanding the profound importance of teaching children about every step of growing and cooking their own food.

Up until this March, when everything changed for everyone, she was on a path to getting a Masters in Dietetics. Seeing the opportunity for change this time has created, and using her 10 years of professional baking experience at the Breadfarm, she decided to create Rachael & Bread. With Rachael & Bread, she hopes to add a unique access point to the Skagit food system for her customers and students.

Nothing make Rachael happier than creating delicious food for the people she loves and sharing her knowledge so they can make it for themselves.

 Rachael Sobczak can be reached at: cell (360)420-4410 or rachaelandbread@gmail.com